The Creator Of AdBlock Plus Acquires Micropayment Startup

Eyeo, the creator of AdBlock Plus, has acquired Flattr, a Swedish startup focused on micropayments, with plans to combine the two technologies so that creators can earn more revenue directly from fans rather than having to rely on other companies for income.

According to Ad Week, the acquisition will allow Eyeo to use Flattr’s technology to pay creators for their work, while also decreasing clickbait and creating a “quality shield” around engaging content.

“At Eyeo we’ve always looked for ways to make the web more fair and less annoying,” said Eyeo Founder Till Faida. “We started with Adblock Plus, which helped pioneer the idea of constructive ad blocking: letting in better, more respectable ads that ad blocking users accept. Flattr makes micropayments automatic and effortless, thus it will be the most user-friendly payment solution on the internet. Together, constructive ad blocking and Flattr complete Eyeo’s vision of putting users in control of an internet that is fair and still profitable.”

Eyeo and Flattr have collaborated in the past, creating “Flattr Plus” last year so readers could pay a small monthly sum to publishers to access their content. With the acquisition, Eyeo plans to combine Flattr’s transaction technology with the content capabilities of Adblock Plus, so creators don’t need to rely on other companies to earn money. And, according to the companies, that means a more “transparent and fair” payment process for Adblock Plus’ 100 million users.

“Together we will be able to create an internet which is fair to all, sustainable and safe,” said Flattr Co-Founder Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi.