TSYS’ ProPay Sets Up Shop In Australia

TSYS’ merchant services company ProPay is expanding into new territory.

The company announced in a press release this week that ProPay has launched in Australia, bringing small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) there to its merchant acquiring payment network and enabling them to efficiently accept card payments. The solution is built for direct-selling companies, micro merchants, distributors and payment facilitators.

“We’re thrilled to expand the ProPay footprint internationally,” said ProPay President Dave Duncan in a statement. “ProPay understands the needs of small businesses, so we’re excited to bring our payment capabilities abroad and support Australian merchants in the same manner we’ve supported U.S. and Canadian merchants for more than two decades.”

According to ProPay’s announcement, its payment platform will link Australian SMBs to an array of services, including its virtual terminal for merchants to process credit cards wherever they have internet access, as well as a mobile app to process payments and view transactions on a mobile device. The solution also enables email and text invoices for customers with a secure link through which they can submit payments to the network, the ability to securely store card information, add Buy Now and Donate Now to webpages and emails and card processing via touch-tone telephone.

Last month, TSYS announced news that ProPay was enhancing its disbursement and commission payment capabilities to support these transactions across borders and channels. The upgrades enable real-time and expedited commissions transfers and support payment recipients to choose between global EFT, wire, debit or prepaid card. In a statement at the time, ProPay’s Duncan said the enhancements provide “broader paying power” for companies using ProPay.