eCommerce Head Now President At Under Armour

The head of eCommerce at Under Armour has just gotten a big promotion, according to reports out over the weekend. Jason LaRose, who first joined the firm in 2013, has been promoted to president of North America for the athletic apparel firm. LaRose will replace Matthew Mirchin, who will remain with the firm for an unspecified time in an advisory capacity.

During LaRose’s tenure as head of eCommerce, sales online picked up a notable 71.6 precent, adding up to $377.5 million this year, up from $220 million in 2013.

LaRose came to Under Armour from Express Inc. and was a VP at Sears Holding for five years prior to that.

“Since joining Under Armour, Jason has been a rising star, establishing our eCommerce business globally,” Under Armour Chief Revenue Officer Charlie Maurath said.

As of yet, LaRose does not have a named successor in eCommerce. The current plan will see LaRose continue to oversee the profitable division in the interim until such time as a full-time replacement can be found, likely in 2017.

That replacement will have some deep shoes to fill. In Q2, Under Armour’s online sale growth handily topped national averages at 27.9 percent.

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