Radial Fights Fraud, Releases Annual Holiday Fraud Index

Radial is an industry leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations. With headquarters in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Radial provides major brands and merchants with fraud, payments and tax solutions, as well as a host of other commerce technology solutions.

“We have over 10 years of experience in providing our omnichannel services to over 100+ eCommerce clients,” said Michael Graff, risk and analytics manager at Radial. “We’ve settled into providing services as a payments and fraud business.”

Radial knows a thing or two about fighting fraud. The company boasts a 99.7 percent conversion rating across its merchants, a full 2 percent higher than the industry average. “A client coming to us will get, on average, a 2 percent sales lift by signing up with our fraud solution,” said Graff.

Radial works with some of the world’s premier brands and merchants, including Toys“R”Us, Bath & Body Works and Ralph Lauren. “We are not just a service provider for our clients,” said Graff. “We are a true partner. We only get paid when our clients get paid; we only get paid on approved transactions.”

In mid-November, Radial released its annual Holiday Fraud Index. Radial has a Fraud Technology Lab at its headquarters, staffed with data scientists tasked with pouring through data to find fraud trends in the industry.

“Fraud is growing at 30 percent year over year,” said KC Fox, head of payments, tax and fraud at Radial. “Since EMV launched and chip technology has made it harder to defraud card-present transactions, fraudsters are moving over into card-not-present transactions. That’s really what is driving the absolute need for a fraud service. It’s a necessity rather than a luxury because fraudsters are running out of places to go. Online is still their best shot.”

Graff noted that increased cross-border trends have also led to the increase in digital fraud. “People are ordering from one country, shipping to another, while vacationing in yet a third country,” said Graff. “The fraud in the digital goods space is definitely increasing, and in order to stay ahead of them, we’re doubling down on our strategy.”

Other notable findings from this year’s Holiday Fraud Index include that digital gift card fraud attacks are 10 times more likely during the holidays compared to other delivery methods, jumping to almost 25 times more likely in the week after Christmas.

For Radial’s clients, South Korea and China top the list for cross-border sales volume during the holiday season. The two countries account for over 78 percent of holiday sales among the top five cross-border countries.

Radial’s data found that cross-border fraud attack rates dropped over 33 percent on Cyber Monday compared to the rest of the holiday season. Venezuela has the highest cross-border eCommerce attack rate at 17.04 percent. The United Arab Emirates had the world’s lowest at 0.05 percent. The U.S. Virgin Islands boasts highest order approval rate at 99.77 percent.

“We at Radial do not look at ourselves as just a service provider,” said Fox. “We are indeed that, but we’re also much more than that. We really do view ourselves as a partner.”

“Fraud is big business,” concluded Graff. “Fraudsters are well-funded, technologically advanced and they are pushing the envelope every day as to how to hide themselves and masquerade as customers. We are constantly investing in new technology and profiling strategies to ensure that we are as invisible to the end customer as possible, while still maintaining extremely high approval ratings.”


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