Good Housekeeping Revitalizes Content Marketing

The publishing world is one of the oldest industries.

Dating back to the 1400s when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, publishing content has seen a whirlwind of change.

One publication that’s helping to further evolve the publishing world when it comes to content marketing is Good Housekeeping. The 132-year-old magazine has taken content marketing to a new level following the hiring of its new Editor-in-Chief, Jane Francisco, just four years ago.

While over 1,200 recipes are created each year in the test kitchen, the space can get a bit crowded with cooks and photographers. Within the magazine’s famous test kitchen, Francisco has helped transform it into the Kitchen of the Future, with smart appliances and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices to accommodate all the different needs of a smart home. In addition to creating this new kitchen space, it also served as a new way for the publication to conduct branding and marketing.

Francisco is envisioning a new space filled with smart technology, complete with a long dining table and located right next to the kitchen, to serve as a space where advertisers and marketers can come together through Good Housekeeping branded events.

At these events, the publication will create new content for social media sites and the online arena in addition to standard promotional events. She explained:

“When we’re not shooting in here, we can have functions. We can have readers come in here, and we can actually broadcast. We can do Facebook Live. We can create content [with] guests and with our own VIPs and partners.”