Uber Partners Up With Getaround To Boost Car Rental Market

Getting around without a car can be a laborious and grueling process. Within larger cities, there’s usually a Zipcar or other short-term car rental service nearby, but that can sometimes be expensive.

For any Uber driver looking to not use their own car, there’s great news.

Uber has announced this week that it teamed up with Getaround to provide a cheaper solution for those looking for a quick ride to the grocery store or mall just outside of town. The pilot program for this new offering will start in San Francisco and allow Uber drivers to rent cars on-demand via the Getaround app for a flat $5-per-hour rate, which includes insurance, gas and mileage. The cars are made available through Uber’s current drivers lease program with Xchange Leasing.

Any Uber driver looking to partake in using one of the available rental cars is required to go through the standard company approval and screening process. Once given the green light, these drivers will get the Getaround app download code for a free driving trial of 14 hours.

Following the not-so-stellar media coverage of Uber over the last few months, this move is likely meant to help the company stay afloat and attract new drivers.