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Uber to Add Boat Options in European Tourist Destinations

Uber Yacht

At a growing number of tourist destinations in Europe, getting an Uber may mean hopping onboard a boat.

The ride-hailing firm is rolling out several Uber Boat options this summer, Uber said in a Tuesday (July 2) press release.

In Ibiza, the company will launch Uber Yacht in August. The firm describes this as “the most luxurious product on our app.” Uber Yacht offers a Sunseeker Yacht that can carry up to eight people, according to the release. Customers can book the private yacht for an eight-hour trip, together with the boat’s personal skipper, a complimentary bottle of champagne and locally sourced artisanal snacks.

In Venice, Uber is launching a Limo Boat in July, the release said. This water transport service will be able to accommodate up to six people and will be available to book on demand from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In Greece, Uber Boat will expand from Mykonos to Athens, Corfu and Santorini in July, allowing visitors to travel to beach clubs, scenic coves and remote locales, per the release.

In Paris, the company offers Uber Cruise, a one-hour private tour aboard an all-electric boat on the river Seine, with views of Notre Dame, Le Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, according to the release.

“These new travel products are launching in response to rising demand for Uber’s services in tourist hotspots around Europe,” the company said in the release.

In summer 2023, the company’s mobility services saw a 55% increase in demand from international customers in Greece and Spain and more than 6.5 million people using the Uber app in popular destination in Europe, per the release. Over the past 12 months, 800,000 people opened the app in Ibiza alone.

Uber said in 2022 that it was adding new travel booking options in the United Kingdom as part of a strategic push to become a super app and one-stop shop for national and international travel.

With the U.K. serving as the site of a pilot program, the mobility company added options to book flights, train tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals as well as offering taxis, bikes, boats and scooters. These mobility options joined Uber’s existing offerings of ridesharing and food delivery.