NSA Has Reportedly Infiltrated Middle East Financial Network

American spies have reportedly infiltrated the Middle East’s financial network and comprised the Dubai office of EastNets, a anti-money laundering and financial services company, reported the AP, citing documents stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

EastNets said late last week that the documents were old and denied any customer data was impacted. EastNets said there was “no credibility” to the allegation that its customers’ details had been stolen, it said in a statement to the AP.

Last year the Shadow Brokers started a firestorm after it released documents that showed some of NSA’s hacking tools and recently has resumed the practice. In what the AP reported was a first for the Shadow Brokers, the data dump included PowerPoint slides and target lists that the report noted suggests the group has access to more information than previously known.

“This is by far the most brutal dump,” said Comae Technologies founder Matt Suiche, who has closely followed the group’s disclosures and initially helped confirm its connection to the NSA last year, reported the AP. In a blog post, Suiche said it looked like thousands of employee accounts and computers from EastNets’ offices had been infiltrated. What’s more, financial institutions in Kuwait, Bahrain and the Palestinian territories were also targeted. As for Eastnet’s denials about the situation, the report noted it drew skepticism from security experts.

“Eastnets’ claim is impossible to believe,” said Kevin Beaumont, who was one of several experts who spent Friday combing through the documents and trying out the code, reported AP. He said found one file for example that was “just a massive log of hacking on their organization.”