B2B eCommerce Firm Tradeling Teams With Amazon Payment Services


Dubai-based B2B eCommerce platform Tradeling has launched its first collaboration with Amazon Payment Services, according to a Monday (July 18) press release.

“This collaboration seeks to strengthen Tradeling’s credit offering and benefit its customers by providing them with a payment service that includes an installment payment feature through various banks and more,” the release stated.

By including Amazon Payment Services as an additional payment service, Tradeling customers can complete payments with various installment options, which will enable them to activate a split payment option through 14 banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Amazon Payment Services Managing Director Peter George called the collaboration “a natural next step in our journey to continue delivering a simple, affordable and trusted payment experience to customers across the [Middle East and North Africa (MENA)] region.”

In April Tradeling announced it was expanding its operations in MENA. CEO Marius Ciavola said the objective was to help connect various entities and people.

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“We give our users what they never thought they needed, and this has been the backbone of our rapid success,” he said. “The future of trade is digital, and we are continuing to grow our team and expand our digital ecosystem in the most user-friendly and convenient manner by enabling businesses around the world to trade through a single, seamless, and reliable digital platform.”

In January, Tradeling teamed with the FinTech MODIFI for a partnership designed to support Tradeling users working in digital trade finance, allowing Tradeling customers to get payment terms for 30, 60 or 90 days and pay their suppliers early.

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Ciavola said at the time that the partnership “will further help businesses to secure additional liquidity to fund trades where traditional financing solutions cannot help.”


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