Finvi, Prodigal Team on Voice-Assisted Collections

accounts receivable

Finvi and Prodigal have partnered to help their shared customers in the accounts receivable management (ARM) and healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) industries interact with consumers in a more intelligent and seamless manner and accelerate revenue recovery.

The partnership will combine Finvi’s workflow and intelligence solutions with Prodigal’s consumer intent apps, according to a Monday (Aug. 29) press release.

“As Finvi continues to grow, a core part of our strategy is to augment systems of record with systems of intelligence to best accelerate our ability to meet our clients’ needs,” Finvi CEO Tim O’Brien said in the release.

Together, the companies’ solutions will deliver conversation intelligence derived from users’ interactions with consumers, helping companies gain insights into customers’ financial health, behavior and experiences, according to the release.

With these insights, companies will be better able to spot potential agent compliance issues, boost compliance team efficiency, identify consumers with the highest repayment intent and focus frontline agents on those most likely to drive return on investment (ROI), per the release.

“Prodigal and Finvi’s partnership brings the power of two performance-driven and consumer-centric solution providers together to drive effective, compliant and positive interactions,” Prodigal CEO Shantanu Gangal said in the release.

The announcement of the partnership comes about two months after ARM platform Tesorio raised $17 million in a Series B funding round and said it would use the new funding to expand its go-to-market efforts.

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“Our customers say, ‘revenue isn’t real until it gets paid.’ We make capital-efficient growth a reality, which is now more important than ever,” Tesorio Co-Founder and CEO Carlos R. Vega said at the time.

When AR processes are not automated, it’s hard to position a firm for success, American Express Director of B2B Client Management Timothy Batsche told PYMNTS in a November interview.

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“If you’re doing things manually and not digitally or electronically, it’s very hard to pull insights around your current process,” Batsche said at the time.

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