Top 10 Remains the Same in Personal Finance App Ranking

personal finance

So, how’d we do this month? Did the household income outpace the outlays? Did the investments do as we hoped? As with so many other things, there are personal finance apps that can provide details on these and other matters. 

Similarly, PYMNTS takes stock of the apps themselves each month — in this case, looking at a variety of publicly available information and app usage data and then scoring and ranking the apps. 

The findings in this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps are the same as those of last month, as the top 10 competitors are ranked in the same order as last time. 

Now, let’s do the accounting. 

The Top 5 

Enjoying the highest balance, so to speak, is Chime. This app is No. 1, as it was last time, with a score of 99. 

Three points behind is the runner-up, Stash, with a score of 96. This app ran second last month as well. 

Also holding the position it held last time is Robinhood. This app is running third with a score of 94. 

Continuing the trend, Albert Save And Spend Smarter is again ranked fourth, this month with a score of 91. 

Another competitor retaining its position in the rankings is Mint. This app has earned a score of 88 and holds onto No. 5. 

The Top 10 

There’s another familiar name at No. 6, as Acorns maintains its position with a score of 85. 

Yes, it’s definitely a trend. The seventh spot in the rankings, too, is held by the same app as last month, as myWisely Financial Wellness records a score of 77. 

Ranked eighth, as it was last time, is Fidelity Investments. This app has achieved a score of 73. 

At No. 9, Emma Budget Manager keeps its spot in the lineup with a score of 72. 

Rounding out the top 10 — which we have now confirmed includes the same competitors in the same order as last time — is Current. This app brings a score of 70 and closes out this month’s Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps.