Trump2Cash App Tells Investors When To Trade On Trump Tweets

President Trump isn’t shy when it comes to his opinions on all sorts of things, often tweeting about publicly traded companies that can have an impact on the stock’s performance. A new app, dubbed Trump2Cash, is trying to capitalize on that, using algorithms to enable investors to automatically invest in any publicly traded company that Trump tweets about.

According to a report, the bot pays attention to the Trump feed and will do an analysis on the sentiment of any tweets in which President Trump mentions a public company. If Trump says no way to Toyota, for example, the app would tell investors to short the stock. If Trump tweets Ford is bringing jobs back to the U.S., the app may tell investors it’s time to buy Ford stock.

The app was created by Max Braun as a test. The app is making recommendations on Twitter about whether or not investors should buy or sell a Trump-mentioned stock. According to the report, Braun had this to say about the app: “Check out the benchmark report. It’s essentially a test run that shows you how the algorithm performs on past tweets and market data. You’ll see that it sometimes misses a company or gets a sentiment wrong, but it also gets it right a lot. The trading strategy sometimes leaves you up and sometimes down.”

The report noted the algorithm appears to succeed more than it fails. The simulated fund has annualized returns of around 59 percent since being launched. Investors who were watching the app may have gotten an alert to sell earlier in the week when President Trump slammed department store Nordstrom for pulling Ivanka Trump’s line due to poor sales.