Today in Data: Mobile Movements

Citcon, Alipay Partner

The mobile industry today encompasses so much more than it did 20 years ago, and even just 10 years ago.

From hailing a cab to finding a pet sitter and more, mobile has helped to, for lack of better words, mobilize nearly every other industry around it. In today’s Today in Data piece, we focus on the various announcements attached to mobile-related endeavors.

Here are the numbers:

127 | Number of European cities impacted by the Uber and Yandex delivery partnership

18,000 | Amount of Uber drivers now included in a class-action lawsuit re: reclassification of employee status

$65 million | Funding for pet sitting and walking company, Rover

$5.4 million | Funding for alcohol delivery service, Saucey

43 percent | Percentage of Canadians now using mobile banking