Today In Data

The Certain Value Of Certainty

Reliability and consistency are not the sexiest virtues out there — and yet, when pressed, both consumers and businesses will admit that at base, outside the bells and whistles, what they really want and need more than anything else is to know what to expect. Meeting, and even beating, those expectations has a long track record of winning, be it at Walmart or Amazon on the consumer-facing side, or at firms like UATP delivering on the unique expectations of the airline industry. Expectations are changing, of course, and with millennials coming into their spending prime, the market is looking for ever-greater levels of connectivity and service. But no matter how much things change, “Say what you’ll do, then do what you say” remains solid advice for everyone hoping to win customers.


$1.2 trillion: The projected buying power of the millennial generation over the next two to three years.

100 million: The number of customers Walmart serves weekly in the U.S.

$119: The new annual cost of Prime.

83 Years: The length of time UATP has been in the card payment business.

6 months: The share of a consumer's life that will be spent waiting for something to happen.