Today In Data

Making Unexpected Connections

Given that the average American checks his Facebook page some 14 times a day, the social media giant’s decision to expand into online dating is less than shocking. Some pair-ups are just predictable, after all. Mastercard and Unilever announcing they would work together to expand microlending in Kenya was less-than-easy to foresee, however, and then there are the cases in between: Credit unions wanting to compete with big banks by joining forces is probably to be expected, but how CO-OP Financial Services does it is novel. Smartwatches are starting to gain traction with consumers, but players not named “Apple” are working overtime to really ignite.

50 minutes: The average amount of time users spend on Facebook per day

20,000: The enrollment goal for the Jaza Duka (“fill up your store”) lending platform by the end of the year

50 percent: Apple’s share of the smartwatch market

45 percent: The share of unmarried adults in the U.S.

5,700: The number of banking branches in the CO-OP shared branches program for credit unions