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Today In Data: There’s No Time Like Real Time

Today in Data: There’s No Time Like Real Time

Faster is the preferred speed in most contexts these days. Businesses actively hope for faster payments, and the variety of cash flow management options they open up. Consumers may want to linger longer over their dinner or coffee, but when it comes time to pay the tab, they’d rather tap and go than wait around when dining is done. But, of course, the need for speed in payments and commerce means security has to get faster, too, not to mention smarter.


83: Number of countries (out of 129) ranked as being at “significant” risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.

70 percent: Share of businesses that say they would benefit from real-time payments capabilities.

59 percent: Share of businesses that report real-time payments would improve their cash flow and certainty.

13 percent: Share of Starbucks orders that come in via mobile order-ahead.

1.5 years - 2 years: The amount of time that fraud-fighting AI needs to be trained before it can reliably spot and stop threats.