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Today In Data: Giving Customers What They Want

Today in Data: Giving Customers What They Want

The customer is always right, which means giving them what they want is rule one of commerce. But what the customer wants can be a bit up in the air. They want frictionless checkout solutions that are more secure. They want to know that if they buy the wrong thing, they can return it without issue. But sometimes, what consumers want is less clear, as decoupled debit’s myriad rises and falls make clear. The good news is, the technology to meet those needs is ever-improving – but the less good news is that no technology has yet been built that can read consumers’ minds, or rapidly shifting moods.


$1 billion: The expected value of the API market by the end of 2018.

75 percent: Share of eCommerce transactions that go through the guest checkout process.

33 percent: The share of consumers who return at least one item after the holiday sales season.

25 percent: Share of all annual returns that come in immediately after the holiday shopping season.

24 percent: Share of Target’s sales that come in via its REDCard direct debit product.