Today In Data: The Seen And Unseen Advantages Of The Digital World

Today in Data: Advantages of the Digital World

The world of financial services is no longer going digital – it’s gone digital, a fact confirmed by the recent spree of bank earnings reports with counts of mobile banking members. That digital world has benefits that are easily visible in the form of growing commerce basket sizes and interesting new avenues for things like buying a house. But the advances are all unseens and behind-the-scenes, as noted in the work that credit unions are doing to mitigate the government shutdown.


29.2 million: Number of digital online and mobile active customers reported by Wells Fargo at the close of 2018.

800,000: The number of workers currently not being paid because of the partial government shutdown.

50 percent: Share of Pizza Hut’s orders received through quick ordering.

20 percent: The average increase in order size seen with digital orders.

3-5 percent: The typical discount that housing startup Knock sees from buying homes in cash.