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Does An Active Holiday Shopping Season Portend A Happy Spending New Year?

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The holiday sales season is nearly done for 2018, and it’s so far so good — particularly for eCommerce. But will 2018’s strong seasonal spending portend a happy commerce new year for retailers? Perhaps. The vast majority of consumers are still feeling confident about their financial situation, and younger consumers in the bridge millennial demographic are aging into their prime spending years. But for all the green lights, there are also a few red lights flashing, particularly when it comes to fighting fraud and making markets more inclusive.

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$2,225: The amount bridge millennials spend on average each year on retail purchases.

81 percent: The share of consumers that report their financial situations have either remained stable or improved since last year.

50 percent: The share of millennials that say a down payment is the main hurdle that stands between them and buying a home.

13 percent: The share of credit union members that have been a victim of card fraud.

10.2 percent: The amount holiday eCommerce increased between 2017 and 2018.