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Today In Data: Keeping Up In Accelerating Ecosystems

Today in Data: Keeping up in Fast Ecosystems

While stock prices have been varied as earnings have come out – depending on specific results – the fact of rapidly digitizing payments and commerce has been the background story of the week, visible in PayPal's record-setting platform growth and in Visa’s double-digit volume growth. And while the opportunities get a lot of focus, concerns can fade to the background. But as innovators appear, legacy players worry about their ability to keep up. And where there are new technological solutions, there are also pressures to invest a lot of attention and treasure on tools – even if one doesn't fully understand what those tools are supposed to actually do.


$2.3 trillion: The value of the 33.9 million transactions Visa processed during the December quarter.

267 million: The number of active PayPal accounts.

82 percent: Share of U.K. executives who said their FIs are falling behind challenger banks.

67 percent: Share of millennials with smartphones who do mobile banking.

5.5 percent: Share of American financial institutions that employ genuine AI systems.