Today In Data: The Subscription Features Consumers Want

Retail: The Subscription Features Consumers Want

Target plans to bring contactless payments to all stores in the United States over the next several weeks. More retailers are tapping into immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences to bring customers through their doors. And consumers are looking for speed, among other features, in a subscription checkout process. All this, Today In Data.


1,800: The number of stores to which Target plans to bring contactless payments in the next several weeks.

100M: The number of expected AR/VR headset users by 2022.

70 percent: The share of top-performing subscription merchants that allow customers to test products before purchasing.

5.3: The average number of payments accepted on a subscription platform in Q4 2018. 

1.2M: The number of AR/VR headsets shipped in the first half of 2018.