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Powering Retail Innovation With Digital Technology

Powering Retail Innovation With Digital Tech

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) medical device company Lumen seeks to have Americans look to metabolism as an important factor in weight loss and nutrition. The company brought its app and device to market just two weeks ago. In investments, retail dispute management firm Chargeback closed a funding round to speed up growth and to help retailers reduce credit card disputes. And in tech, the future of retail may include mobile scanning. All this, Today in Data.


2014: The year Lumen was founded.

$80M: Value of a Series C funding round Scandit closed from several investors.

45M: Approximate number of Americans who will go on a weight loss diet this year.

42%: Share of consumers who are engaging in even the most routine activities online.

$6.6M: Amount of Series A1 funding that Chargeback raised.