Serving The Millennial Consumer With Convenient Offerings

Serving The Millennial Consumer With Convenience

Reynolds Group Holdings is actively working to court the millennial market, which has a particularly strong focus on convenience. For this reason, the firm has focused keenly on recipe integration in recent years — and, as it turns out, millennials are excellent recipe followers. And in travel, Roost, which aims to match travelers with roommates to save on hotel rooms, counts millennials and Gen Zers in its target market through its digital platform. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

1947: The year Reynolds Group Holdings began mass-manufacturing aluminum foil for home use.

1910: The year the Swiss figured out how to make foil out of aluminum instead of tin.

90 percent: Approximate share of Americans who have at least one Reynolds product in their homes.

50 percent: Share of a traveler’s payment that is refunded on Roost when a mutual match is made.

20 percent: Portion of Reynolds consumers who are purchasing its products via subscriptions.