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Supporting Social Distancing Awareness, eCommerce With Retail Innovation

Innovation Promotes Social Distancing, eCommerce

Retailers are under the gun to bolster their messaging and ordering capabilities for online shopping, as eCommerce becomes strained amid the coronavirus. Websites have doubled their ad spend, as advertising campaigns continue to be essential in weathering the storm. And in brick-and-mortar retail, a shopper engagement and loss prevention technology supplier is flipping the script, and now makes devices that raise awareness of social distancing in stores. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

30K: Minimum number of retailers that are alerted to theft by Indyme’s sensors and hardware.

82%: Approximate share of experts who have said PPC ads attract consistent eCommerce traffic.

42%: Share of retailers who cite concerns about consumer confidence.

40%: Increase in eCommerce since the state of emergency was declared on March 12.

$9.6M: Ad spend of eCommerce websites for the week of March 9.