Credit Union

Credit Unions Use Cash Back Rewards, Early Direct Deposit to Reward Member Loyalty The personalization credit unions (CUs) offer is its own reward for many members, but providing tangible rewards can go a long way toward fostering loyalty, too. In the “Credit Union Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and PSCU collaboration, VyStar Credit Union’s Melissa Thomas explains how perks like cash back incentives and early direct deposit help CUs stand out from FinTechs and other competitors.
Inside the October Tracker
  • An interview with Melissa Thomas, senior vice president of payments and operations at VyStar Credit Union, on how offering cash back incentives and early direct deposits can help boost member loyalty
  • The latest credit union developments, including why 15% of CUs are still uncommitted to digital strategies and new credit card programs from PSCU and Navy Federal Credit Union
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how CUs are working to retain customers through loyalty and rewards programs