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Report: Mobile Banking Innovations Help CUs Win College-Age Consumers CUs are eager to attract younger members, but they must stand out among a host of digitally savvy competitors to do so. In the “Credit Union Tracker,” a collaboration with PSCU, Service Credit Union’s Dan Clarke explains how proactively investing in mobile banking innovations and partnering with colleges can help CUs appeal to younger demographics.
Inside The March Tracker
  • An interview with Dan Clarke, senior vice president of member experience at Service Credit Union, on why CUs have struggled to attract younger consumers and how cost-effective digital innovations and tailored messaging can help
  • The latest credit union developments, including how 87% of SMBs that applied for loans, credit lines or cash advances from CUs are satisfied and how Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is reaching college students through a new social media campaign
  • A Deep Dive examining CUs’ efforts to attract members of all ages and how digital approaches, like social media outreach, and real-time payments can attract younger demographics