Credit Union

Report: Credit Unions Tap Data To Capture Member Credit Business Credit union members like credit, but often get it from other financial institutions. In this month’s “Credit Union Tracker®,” a collaboration with PSCU, Wade Painter, president and CEO of San Mateo Credit Union, explains how CUs are using analytical tools CUs to develop and implement member-centric credit products.
Inside the April Tracker
  • San Mateo Credit Union President and CEO Wade Painter on the importance of staying tuned into members’ credit needs when it comes to developing new products and services
  • The latest developments from the CU space, including the increase in use of digital wallet-enabled credit card purchases, and CU efforts to assist members hit hard by the pandemic
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the tools and technologies CUs can leverage to understand their members’ need for loans and other credit products and how these tools can help prevent portfolio leakage