Credit Union

85yo Credit Union Morphs Its 50 Branches Into Member-Centric Digital Hubs Seattle-based BECU has had a major rethink on how best to meet the rising expectations of its 1.3 million members for modern digital conveniences. In the “Credit Union Tracker,” a PYMNTS and PSCU collaboration, BECU's Travis Simpson looks at why CUs must innovate their in-branch experiences, noting that simple tools like self-service onboarding can make a huge difference.
Inside The August Tracker
  • An interview with Travis Simpson, senior vice president of contact centers and wealth for BECU, on how the pandemic shifted CUs’ brick-and-mortar branch strategies as members’ banking needs changed
  • The latest CU news and trends, including why Canadian CUs are experimenting with cashless branches and Consumers Credit Union’s recent partnership with PSCU company Lumin Digital to pilot a digital account onboarding product
  • A Deep Dive examining how CUs can implement self-service tools to meet the needs of today’s digital-first members