Credit Union

Live Support Is Key for Credit Unions To Elevate Loan Application Process Credit union members want it both ways: the convenience of applying for loans online, but also backed up by the comfort of knowing they can communicate directly with staff if the need arises. Whether by chat, text or email, Community First Credit Union’s James Urban tells PYMNTS in the latest “Credit Union Tracker®,” a collaboration with PSCU, that getting the live support option right is critical.
Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with James Urban, assistant vice president of the Member Experience Center at Community First Credit Union, on how CUs can leverage live support and personalization to meet members’ loan needs and outshine FinTech competitors
  • The latest credit union developments, including how four CUs were ranked in the top 10 of all FIs in terms of customer satisfaction and why CUs should heed a recent report finding that credit unions accounted for roughly 18 percent of the nation’s auto loan market in Q2 2021
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how CUs can prevent members from turning to other FIs for loans and mortgage financing