Bitcoin Daily: Opera Allows Crypto Buys With Apple Pay, Debit; Nifties Digital Art Marketplace Launches


Android users can bring the Coinbase Card directly to their Google Pay wallets, the company said in a post.

The Coinbase Card is a debit card funded by digital currency. And, after customers request a Coinbase Card, they can add their cards to Google Pay and begin to use their crypto prior to the arrival of their tangible cards.

“Google Pay gives Coinbase Card customers a fast, secure way to pay using their smartphones, smartwatches, and other Google Pay-enabled devices,” the company said in the post.

In other news, Nifty Gateway is unveiling a website that will allow consumers to buy and sell digital collectibles from artists with the inclusion of Lyle Owerko and Michael Kagan, Bloomberg reported.

Kagan sold a work via Christie’s for $40,000 and worked on T-shirt designs with musical artist Pharrell Williams. will also offer an assembly of digital art from Cris Cyborg, an MMA fighter. Crypto entrepreneurs Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss’s Gemini Trust Co. purchased the startup in 2019.

Meanwhile, the Opera app has teamed with Wyre, the ePayments company, to grow the digital currency purchasing power of its built-in wallet, CoinDesk reported.

As is stands, Opera has supported bitcoin payments via its mobile wallet. The tie-up provides debit card integration with Android and Apple Pay functionality with iOS, while it allows users to buy a maximum of $250 in ether or bitcoin each day for a 30-cent charge along with a 2.9 percent commission.

And, Binance along with WazirX, which Binance bought last year, unveiled a “Blockchain for India” fund, CoinDesk reported.

The new fund will make investments in token acquisitions as well as equity and has a particular interest in programs that aid in creating a full digital currency market infrastructure for the country. Nischal Shetty, founder and CEO of WazirX, said the fund would fully harness the “incredible potential that the Indian blockchain ecosystem has to offer.” The fund, which is reportedly worth $50 million, will make investments in the range of $100,000 to $5 million.