Today in the Connected Economy: Grubhub Expands Offerings With Gopuff

Today in the connected economy, delivery company Grubhub forms a partnership with Gopuff, allowing it to offer more products and giving Gopuff a larger audience.

Also, Panera forms a partnership with American Express, and Moneygram collaborates with — and invests in — the UAE-based money transfer firm Jingle Pay.

Grubhub Marketplace to Offer Gopuff Locations, Delivery

Restaurant food delivery company Grubhub and food and home essentials delivery firm Gopuff have debuted a pilot program that includes some Gopuff locations on Grubhub’s marketplace.

The program lets Gopuff reach more customers and allows Grubhub to offer more products, such as grocery, alcohol, health and wellness, household, pet, and baby items. It is launching at select Gopuff locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Austin, and will ultimately expand to include more than 500 locations.

“We’re excited to partner with Gopuff to give our diners more choice than ever before,” Grubhub Senior Vice President of Growth Ariella Kurshan said in a news release. “Our diners are managing busy schedules with competing priorities, and they want to plan not only their meals but also their lifestyle.”

Panera, Amex Partner on Cardholder Loyalty Play

Fast-casual brand Panera Bread is joining the ranks of restaurants expanding their customer base through cross-brand partnerships.

American Express announced this week that – for a limited time – it will offer four-month subscriptions to Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club beverage program to consumers and corporate card members.

For American Express, the collaboration creates an additional loyalty perk, while Panera gains a chance to turn consumers — there were 56 million AmEx cards in the U.S. last year — who have not engaged with the brand in the past into regular customers.

MoneyGram Powers Remittances for UAE’s Jingle Pay App

Money transfer service businesses MoneyGram International and Jingle Pay have formed a partnership to enable global money transfers with the Jingle Pay app.

Customer in Jingle Pay’s native market, the United Arab Emirates, can now use the app to send money to more 200 countries and territories worldwide.

“As consumer preference increasingly shifts online, investing in digital startups around the world is a critical component of our strategy,” said Moneygram CEO Alex Holmes. “We’re excited to partner with Jingle Pay, as we believe in their strategic vision to improve the key elements of traditional banking through its suite of innovative digital offerings.

Priority Technology, PAX Team to Offer Improved Payment Solutions

Payments technology company Priority Technology Holdings has formed a partnership with global payment products firm PAX Technology.

According to a news release, the collaboration began when Priority tapped PAX to create, customize and certify their VTX payment app to let end users take advantage the complete line of PAX’s Android products.

“PAX provides a diverse suite of Android products to fit the needs of merchants of all sizes, allowing Priority’s sales and distribution channels greater flexibility to meet their merchants’ varied requirements,” the companies said.