Facebook Uses AI To Tell Users What To Buy, How To Pay

As the IoT arena moves forward, companies will be using more of that collected data to provide a more tailored experience.

Facebook’s got a new recommendation feature that may be reminiscent of a big brother but is hoping to ultimately better serve its users.

The social media giant announced that the rollout of its new feature on its Messenger app became available to iOS and Android users as of Thursday morning. While the full version is not available yet, the new feature, dubbed M, will make recommendations to Facebook users during private conversations.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, the new M feature will be able to detect language for recommending things, like getting an Uber or sending a reminder to pay a friend back money from the last hangout time. Facebook claims this new feature is meant to not be invasive but merely a way to help improve the private chatting experience.

David Marcus, Facebook’s head of messaging products, commented to recode about this new development: “The system learns from the things you like to do and you don’t like to do. If you don’t use the things that are being suggested for a specific use case, gradually those things will go away.”

The Facebook team also shared that all messaging content will remain private and not be used for targeted advertisement.