DoorDash Trails Uber Driver in Latest Provider Ranking of Gig Platform Apps

The gig economy allows workers control over their own employment while offering consumers choice and convenience.

PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Platform Apps, which uses monthly metrics to score related apps based on channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, average users and more, shows which of these apps are the most popular.

This month, many of the apps hold their spots in the rankings, but Instawork climbs two places. Here’s how the top 10 shake out.

The Top 5

Uber Driver stays at No. 1 with a score of 94.

With a score of 84, DoorDash trails at No. 2.

Fiverr is No. 3, scoring 77.

Etsy climbs one spot to No. 4 with a score of 74.

Instacart Shopper falls one ranking to No. 5, scoring 68.

The Top 10

Turo remains at No. 6, scoring 57.

With 55 points, Swagbucks stays at No. 7.

Instawork takes over the No. 8 spot after climbing two rankings with a score of 43.

Upwork falls to No. 9 and scores 42.

Lyft Driver, with a score of 38, closes out this month’s list at No. 10.