Provider Ranking Of Aggregators Shows All Ingredients Necessary For Meteoric Growth

Zomato App

Is there aggregating among aggregators? How about Grubhub and Just Eat? Will there be more? We’re going to go ahead and predict right here and now — there will be more.

What does that have to do with this new Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps? Only that it’s thriving, dynamic and absolutely pulsating with the energy of this logistics-minded group of food delivery platforms, some of which are already branching beyond hot meals to hot markets.

Let’s check the racing form, so to speak, checking off who’s rising and who isn’t.

The Top Five

The view from atop Mount Aggregator hasn’t changed terribly much since the last cycle, although we’ve got some very interesting movement below — and some new arrivals as well.

Still at No. 1, it’s the other San Francisco treat, DoorDash, which is looking at drones. Likewise at No. 2, where Uber Eats is perched again, as is Deliveroo at No. 3.

Grubhub holds onto its No. 4 chart position for another cycle, with its acquisition Just Eat sticking at No. 5 after reporting a rousing Q1.

See? It’s as easy as ordering food with an app. If only the rest of the ranking was as placid.

The Top 10

We’ve got a new tie for No. 6, where we find Instacart unmoved from last cycle (new CEO Fidji Simo takes the helm in August), and the popular app is joined this time out by India’s Zomato app, rising one spot and, one would think, not unhappy about the whole affair.

Like tied scores, do you? Well, here’s another. At No. 7, we find the Glovo app up a spot from last cycle, rooming with the Swiggy app, which rises two spots to get there.

That was so much fun that we’re going for a third tie in this Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

Next up, it’s Canada’s SkipTheDishes app climbing two spots to take No. 8, and as company they can chat with the Menulog app and its 15,000 partner restaurants, reentering the rankings at No. 8 after not charting last month. Nicely done, indeed.

There’s a spate of reentries in this ranking, and that’s rare.

Flying in at No. 9, it’s the Talabat app from “the largest online food ordering platform in the Middle East.” Makes one dream about exotic locales and ordering delivery there.

Completely new to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps is Germany’s Foodora app, which operates in 10 countries at present. Welcome to the Top 10 — where foodies meet.