Local Thanks Platform Gives Small Biz A Leg Up

Loyalty Superstore’s new program is giving local merchants a fighting chance against big box stores and monster retailers when it comes reaching customers, the company announced last week (June 11).

“Before now, small merchants have had to fight big advertising budgets, Internet activity, mobile apps, and social media, making it almost impossible to compete with the giants,” the company release said. “While a small percentage of smaller merchants can find some of the tools they need to stay in the game, they haven’t been able to find them in a single place, and at an affordable price.”

But the Local Thanks initiative is looking to solve that problem by leveling the playing field for smaller businesses.

With the help of the new marketing platform, local merchants will have access to the types of resources that may help facilitate communication with customers.

The program features a full-service or self-service platform, including a customizable website and mobile app, push notifications, in-store marketing materials, geolocation services and a rewards programs.

“Local merchants have one advantage – they can offer more personalized service in a more customer friendly shopping atmosphere, but they need the means to communicate these important benefits directly to those customers, at a cost merchants can afford,” the release said.

Martin Berns, Loyalty Superstore CEO, explained that, “we know what merchants want and need, but we also know that they are blocked by two things – time and money. So we have an all-inclusive package for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee and we do all the work.”

Local Thanks is being marketed through merchant service providers as well as local chambers of commerce, Berns added.

“These service organizations have direct relationships with merchants, and offering these tools solidifies their relationships with merchants while giving them a substantial passive revenue,” he said.

Recent announcements from companies like Kohl’s and Microsoft show an increased trend in utilizing loyalty and rewards offerings to draw consumers in.

With plans to bring millions of potential neighborhood shoppers into the program, Local Thanks could be a game changer for small businesses as they compete with major corporations for a stronger digital presence.

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