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Oracle Rolls Out AI For Customer Experience Cloud Suite

Oracle, the software company, is getting into the artificial intelligence market, announcing a bunch of AI-focused capabilities for its Customer Experience Cloud Suite.

According to a report in TechCrunch, the new enhancements are aimed at providing users with better, faster and more customized experiences. With the AI enhancements, Oracle is aiming to bring more automation and machine learning to tasks which are fueled by the data customers’ clouds are collecting.

Oracle contends it has more than five billion global consumer and business IDs, as well as greater than 7.5 trillion data points that are collected each month, noted the report. When the data is combined with computing power and AI algorithms, the idea is that it should improve the outcomes of products that use Adaptive Intelligence tools.

“The [AI] engine operates behind the scenes that does modeling and feature selection and can combine the algorithms uniquely for the use cases. We provide recipes for consumer problems versus [business] problems, but then the system does the processing [automatically],” Jack Berkowitz, VP of Products and Data Science at Oracle said in the report.

He said the company is combining artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language understanding, machine learning and neural networks to come up with the best solutions. TechCrunch reported those solutions could include widgets, analysts and suggestions and could be targeted recommendations in an eCommerce product or more personalized content in a market product.

“We wanted to greatly simplify what it takes to make these [AI] capabilities onboarded by companies. We don’t walk in with armies of data scientists or require long integration projects. Connectivity and embedding is really right out of the box,” said Berkowitz.

While it’s not clear yet how Oracle will fare in its AI push, what is clear is that all sorts of companies, big and small, are in an arms race to roll out AI products.


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