IBM Research Launches Crypto Anchor Verifier

IBM Research announced news on Wednesday (May 23) of the introduction of IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a new technology that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and optical imaging to prove the identity and authenticity of objects.

In a blog post, IBM said it is rolling out the technology with Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of its first clients, to help the company evaluate and grade diamonds.

“The objects and substances that we buy, wear, eat or use every day all have their own unique optical patterns, sometimes undetectable by the human eye, that differentiate them from each other. These patterns can distinguish an organic ear of corn from a genetically modified one or identify impurities in diamonds, for example,” wrote IBM Research in the post. “Optical characteristics can be measured using light spectrometers, an instrument used to measure properties of light, but they are quite bulky and expensive, limiting their utility. Use of optical analytics for object identification in real-world circumstances demands a more adaptable tool. IBM Research recently developed a powerful, portable optical analyzer, small enough to use with a cellphone camera.”

IBM Research said that by working with GIA, it is taking its research outside the lab and into a real-world setting. The company is currently testing the Verifier software by capturing and creating 3-D model images of diamonds so it can analyze the characteristics and predict the clarity grade. IBM said it will build on GIA’s previous research using images to evaluate diamonds.

In late April, IBM announced a partnership with a consortium of leading diamond and jewelry companies around the globe to create a blockchain product to authenticate diamonds, precious metals and jewelry. The blockchain collaboration, dubbed TrustChain, tracks and authenticates jewelry, diamonds and precious metals at all stages of the global supply chain, from the mine to the retailer. According to IBM, TrustChain uses IBM’s advanced technology to improve global provenance in the diamond and jewelry supply chain.