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Engage Gears Up For Temp Worker Rule Changes

Temporary workers have a separate set of challenges for employers when it comes to payroll and tax compliance. One payroll innovator wants to ease those hurdles for business owners, and is using the cloud to do it.

Reports published Thursday (Oct. 1) said Engage has rolled out a new Software-as-a-Service solution to help U.K.-based employers assure compliance for their entire temp staff. According to Engage, its new platform looks to link the hirer, payroll supplier and the agency that provides temporary workers to provide greater visibility for companies. That visibility, Engage added, is crucial to maintaining regulatory compliance, as well as streamlining administrative tasks.

“By utilizing Engage, payroll companies, end-hirers and recruitment agencies can maintain compliance with the changing HMRC regulations and ensure business costs are not driven up due to the temporary worker supply chain,” said Engage Commercial Director Drey Francis in a statement.

He highlighted the U.K.’s incoming legislation for HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) rules that will bring a new opportunity for businesses to slip on their compliance. The new rules will have an especially large impact on the temporary workforce, Francis said.

“As the upcoming legislation changes, due in April 2016, to remove the right for temporary workers to claim travel or subsistence relief against their tax, will dramatically change the industry, end clients need to be looking at their HR processes and ensure compliance through the entire supply chain recruitment and payroll process,” Francis added.

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The software provides players in this supply chain with insight into the temp worker hiring and payment process, from start to finish. Engage added that the platform also provides a window into the status of that worker at any give time, and real-time data into the temp worker hiring statuses of corporate users.

“The platform also centralizes key administrative documentation, such as timesheets, pay and bills as well as compliance documentation,” the company added in its announcement.
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