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Amazon Tag Teams To Land The Enterprise On The Cloud


Even if the enterprise understands the benefits of cloud technology, the challenge of ditching legacy IT systems in favor of cloud solutions can be too much to handle. A new collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Infosys aims to take this challenge on.

An announcement on Friday (April 29) revealed IT consulting firm Infosys will use Amazon Web Services to host a suite of solutions geared towards helping businesses migrate to the cloud. This includes shifting corporate enterprise resource planning and mainframe solutions to the cloud, the companies said.

In addition to hosting these services on AWS, Infosys noted that it will also extend Amazon Web Services’ existing data analytics solutions to its corporate clients using the cloud migration tools.

“Yesterday’s legacy technologies are challenging today’s enterprises on several fronts,” the firms said in their announcement. “Legacy deployments are increasingly difficult and costly to improve and maintain, hindering the delivery of new business applications and preventing companies from innovating rapidly.”

The firms added that the AWS Cloud solution looks to reduce the friction and costs associated with leaving legacy IT tools behind.

Infosys is also including its Assurance Suite of security solutions into the partnership, which provides compliance and risk mitigation support.

“By collaborating with AWS, Infosys can help organizations realize the full potential of the AWS Cloud without being weighed down by a daunting onboarding process,” said Infosys President and Global Head of Alliances Sandeep Dadlani in a statement. “The migration to a modern, high-performance and scalable infrastructure built on AWS will be faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before.”

In a separate statement, Amazon Web Services Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development Mike Clayville pointed to the collaboration's ability to speed up the complex process of migrating to the cloud.

"The strategic collaboration with Infosys will help accelerate these organizations' legacy workload migrations to the cloud by empowering them to rapidly achieve the agility benefits of moving to AWS,” the executive said. “Customers will now have more streamlined access to several innovative cloud computing solutions that stand to transform and modernize their enterprise."



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