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SAP Collaboration Links Connected Cars With Corporate Travel


Enterprise software conglomerate SAP has launched a new initiative to promote IoT-connected cars, and its partnership with Hertz, Nokia and Concur Technologies will target corporate travelers.

The companies said Monday (Feb. 27) that they are working together to launch the SAP Vehicles Network solution, a way to automate processes involved with rental cars, from parking to fueling to payment. Build on the SAP Cloud Platform, the Vehicles Network solution bridges various services to the drivers and passengers of connected vehicles.

It’s a solution that spreads across experiences and lands at various categories of customers. For example, SAP announced that connected vehicle platform Mojio will provide parking and fueling solutions for customers using the Vehicles Network through its U.S.- and EU-based mobile app. Nokia is deploying its IMPACT tool (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) to support the management of all IoT-connected devices and sensors within a vehicle. That connection means drivers can automatically personalize settings of a vehicle, for example.

But the initiative has broad implications for corporate travel, too.

The partners have developed a connected car prototype that can integrate with Concur’s TripLink solution, letting business travelers using an IoT-connected vehicle to access automated route guidance and trip reporting solutions. All parking and fueling transactions can be linked to the vehicle, which can in turn automate the transmission of that data into Concur for expense reporting purposes.

“With leading partners like Hertz and Nokia and new customers like Mojio, SAP is delivering new levels of value for businesses and end consumers based on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo and tight integration with Concur solutions,” said SAP’s Executive Vice President of IoT and Digital Supply Chain Dr. Tanja Rueckert in a statement. “SAP Vehicles Network puts the end consumer in the driver’s seat by transforming the vehicle into the ultimate digital wallet and making car rental into a seamless, intelligent experience.”



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