Getting Out Of The B2B Payments Slog


The last mile. The concept has a finality to it, a sense of completion.

But in business, as in any endeavor that spans time, place, relationships and tasks, the last mile can be obscure clouded, even, by distractions and obstacles.

So it is in B2B, where activity crosses borders and currencies, and where regulations shift without the benefit of regularity. The corporate treasurer, tasked with optimizing cash position, as coffers ebb and flow, has his or her challenges and opportunities in place.

Judicious decisions who to pay and when mean firms operate with efficiency. Decisions made in haste, or with waste, mean trouble looms. For these professionals, technology and financial innovations can dovetail to help decision making, sometimes even in real time. The challenge is where to look, and when … and why.

In the pages that follow, we get some insight from C-Suite and senior-level executives with experience in juggling accounts receivables and payables, with experience in separating what helps from what’s hype. FinTech is under discussion, of course, and blockchain makes for some debate. Tokenization makes more than a token appearance.

The name of the game may be automation, bringing digital know-how to bear on old, outdated processes and in the process gaining clarity where it didn’t exist before.

But relationships matter, too, as there is human give and take amid all the tech.

Food for thought ahead of our in-person B2B event scheduled for early next month. Find a link here.

We’ll see you there. In the meantime, dive in and read on.