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India Call Center Firm Ameyo Rolls Out Video KYC Platform For FIs

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With a massive increase in the need to video conference for work, India’s Ameyo has introduced enhanced technology to reduce costs and boost video options for clients.

Ameyo, which specializes in customer engagement technology, aims to help customers close gaps in their Know Your Customer (KYC) tactics, removing some extraneous operations and helping them transition everything to be done remotely, according to reports.

Ameyo will work on reducing the onboarding time for new clients from five to seven business days down to just three minutes, the release claims. That will allow FinTechs and mobile wallets to help introduce customers in a totally digital manner, compliant with guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

And by eliminating in-person meet-ups and documentation and instead using digital and video platforms, costs can be cut down, the firm said. Auditors or verification officers will be able to monitor the KYC processes on a dashboard, the company said.

Sachin Bhatia, co-founder and global sales and marketing head with Ameyo, said the pandemic had forced companies to use technology in ways some of them had not done previously, and so Ameyo’s goal was to assist them in onboarding new customers in the changed world.

Bishal Lachhiramka, co-founder and CEO of Ameyo, said the new platform made use of thousands of engagement use cases, as well as the most modern technology, in order to get the job done.

The pandemic has seen companies working to tackle cross-border B2B payment issues, a challenge now that travel is almost completely locked down. Taking its place in countries like Singapore is a new level of KYC technology to help customers do things via eCommerce.

The health crisis has resulted in a much higher use of video-conferencing and other similar technologies as everyone adapts to working from home to avoid the virus.

Zoom and Facebook Messenger’s video functions have soared, with Facebook accelerating the rollout of its desktop version of Messenger after usage jumped over 100 percent since the pandemic began.



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