Mastercard Hitches A Ride With Uber To Provide Free Meals To UK Medical Staff

Mastercard, Uber To Feed UK Medical Staff

Between the political sparring over Brexit and the medical battle against COVID-19, British leaders are reeling in their fight to avoid “anarchy in the U.K.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the leader of the movement to exit the European Union, is in a hospital intensive care unit now with the disease. Even the queen has taken to the airwaves to urge Britons to keep up the fight against the coronavirus.

For their part, Mastercard is hitching a ride with Uber Eats’ program that offers free meals to staff of the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), per a company announcement. NHS employees can receive a £10 voucher by going to, which will now offer a free ride and free meals. Mastercard will donate the cash.

Through the Uber Eats app, NHS workers can buy a meal from thousands of restaurants and convenience stores in more than 150 towns and cities across the U.K., the companies said.

This effort is an enhancement to Uber Eats’ existing program, announced last week, which offered 100,000 meals. The Mastercard commitment will mean potentially 40,000 additional free meals for NHS staff.

The two companies said they are looking to “reduce the pressure on the heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis.”

“We hope this will give the many doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in this country one less thing to worry about,” said Toussaint Wattinne, Uber Eats U.K.’s general manager, in a prepared statement. “A huge thank-you from all of us.”

“We thought Uber Eats meals for NHS workers was a fantastic initiative, so we jumped at the chance to get involved and offer a thank-you meal to our critical healthcare workers while they take care of the nation,” added Scott Abrahams, senior vice president of retail and FinTech at Mastercard U.K.

“With the support from Mastercard, we’re extremely proud to be able to continue to support our hardworking NHS staff,” added Wattinne.

“During this crisis, we all need to play our role in helping those that are fighting the coronavirus, and I am proud to be playing a part in that by helping to make sure NHS workers in London are fed and can keep working,” said Mohammed, Uber Eats delivery partner from London, in a prepared statement.