London Tech Firm Launches “Trump Monitor”

London-based will be launching an app that will make it easier for traders to keep track of Trump in real time.

The new app will launch trading alerts for the scores of fund managers and traders who want to watch the incoming new president’s Twitter feed in the hopes of getting something like a clue to what’s coming next for world markets, currency and commodity prices.

And this is not exactly an idle pursuit — Trump tweets have a fairly well established pattern of moving markets from time to time. Pharmaceutical stocks, for example, have taken something of a hit since Trump started going off on pharma firms a week ago by saying they were “getting away with murder” with their prices.

Comments earlier this week on China moved the dollar, and a pair of December tweets sent the share prices of Lockheed Martin and Boeing spiraling lower.

And while a free-Tweeting leader of the U.S. may be disturbing for some of us — for firms like that make their money processing millions upon millions of daily messages flowing through the digital ether — Donald Trump is a godsend. chief Gareth Mann said the Trump signal generator uses artificial intelligence technology to differentiate between tweets or other messages that, for example, just mention Boeing and those liable to move markets.

“It is impact analysis,” he said. “We can let you know when Trump tweets. We can let you know when he mentions a particular stock, or when he mentions a stock and a country. But if he just says he’s riding on a Boeing 747 the system will do nothing.”

Brave new world we live in now.