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Amex Rolls Out New Global Branding Campaign

On Monday (April 9), American Express unveiled a new global brand platform and marketing campaign dubbed “Powerful Backing: Don’t Do Business / Don’t Live Life Without It.”

In a press release, the payments company said the campaign is aimed at reflecting how people live and work today and celebrates the reality that life and business are becoming increasingly interconnected. It also highlights the role American Express is playing in supporting this new reality.

“We are witnessing a global transformation in people’s relationships with work. How they choose to earn a living, pursue their passions and move seamlessly between life and business is changing,” said Elizabeth Rutledge, CMO, American Express, in a press release announcing the new campaign. “People are living rich, vibrant and layered lives and appreciate when someone has their back as they navigate this blended lifestyle.”

American Express pointed to a global study it commissioned that found more than half of people today live blended lives, where their personal lives and work are intertwined. The study also revealed that two in three people feel they can achieve more because of this integration. “While we have always been known as a relationship company, many people have considered us as only a consumer brand. Nearly 40 percent of our business comes from other businesses today — from startups and entrepreneurs to mid-size businesses, to Fortune 500 companies,” Rutledge continued. “At its core, our brand platform reinforces the enduring relationships we have with our customers, who are incredibly multidimensional.”

As part of the new campaign, American Express is modernizing many elements of its brand, including a modern articulation of its famous tagline, refreshing the Blue Box logo and introducing a hand-drawn version of its card design that features its customers at the center, the company said in the release. The new ads will run across mobile channels in more than 20 different podcasts within WeTransfer and via streaming TV services such as Hulu. Ads will also run on televisions during morning shows, prime-time and late-night programs, as well as during the NBA playoffs and MSNBC’s Your Business with JJ Ramberg. Amex will also use large-scale outdoor advertising in New York, L.A., Chicago and San Francisco. Starting in May, the company will back local artists to recreate their work on several outdoor units.


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