UK-Based Whisk Acquires Germany’s Avocando


After building a data platform to run food-related mobile apps, U.K.-based Whisk has acquired Germany-based Avocando. While the terms of the deal were not made public, Whisk may be acquiring Avocando’s team, customer base, technology and integrations, TechCrunch reported.

“We’re delighted to build on a strong year of growth with this deal,” Whisk CEO Nick Holzherr said in a post announcing the purchase. “With grocery eCommerce in Europe accelerating, it makes a lot of sense for both Whisk and Avocando customers.”

Through its “smart food platform,” Whisk allows grocers, app developers and publishers to make recipes shoppable. The platform pairs ingredients in a recipe to the selection of local grocers and builds a basket for the consumer with the necessary items. In addition, Whisk can tailor recipes to consumer’s preferences and can create experiences through Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

In the U.S., has a platform that offers shoppable recipes. The company partners with many large grocery stores around the U.S. so when users view recipes on computers or mobile devices, they can simply click a button to add ingredients to their online shopping carts at many grocery stores. The feature also displays promotional offers for U.S. grocers based on an individual shopper’s location, helping home cooks find the best deals on the items they need to complete a recipe.

We’re able to capture all grocery offer details across the United States, across all the different zip codes, and then present hyper-local offers based on where a customer lives,” Esmee Williams, vice president of strategy for said. “If you are a retailer or a brand who has partnered with us directly on a sponsored program, we surface that information first so that customers will definitely see those offers and are most likely to take advantage of them.”