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From bots to shoppable ads, developers are using new tools and technologies to help brands to close the loop by embedding payments inside of every nook and cranny of existing ecosystems. This month’s Developer Tracker highlights how players from Twitter to Messenger and Facebook are using software and payments to create new monetization opportunities.

Everyone needs money. That includes non-profits, mission-driven organizations, government entities and the other groups that make up the associations space.

But, for those groups, getting funding can often be difficult. Associations typically rely on donations and membership dues to keep their accounts from going into the red, but many struggle to manage or even collect that money efficiently.

Fortunately, there may be a solution.

In the June edition of the Developer Tracker™, powered by Vantiv, Darryl Hopkins, Director of Product Management at Abila, shared some insight on how companies can use new payment technologies and solutions to simplify and improve their collection process.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“The organizations we serve are nonprofits. They take the revenue they generate and reinvest it for their members and their communities. So protecting those transactions is something we take seriously,” he explained.

With this focus comes the desire to also optimize the integrations with the electronic payment gateways of its key processors.

Hopkins pointed out that there are a variety of value-add features that can be offered to associations, such as reducing chargebacks, improving card recycling and strengthening payment card and ACH verification.

Developers Go Social

These days, pretty much everything is social. That includes software development, as some major social networks rolled out new solutions this month, aimed at helping merchants and other advertisers connect and engage with their customers.

Facebook continued to develop its Messenger service, as Jifiti announced it received Facebook’s approval for its digital gift-giving chatbot ATI. In an interview, Jifiti’s co-founder and CMO said the tech could help eliminate the obstacles that typically impact the gift giving experience for givers and receivers alike.

Instagram also made a recent announcement, saying it would introduce Dynamic ads to the popular photosharing app. The ads are already a popular tool used by the app’s parent company, Facebook. Not to be outdone, Twitter unveiled the Tweet Carousel, its newest monetization strategy.

The June edition of the Developer Tracker™, powered by Vantiv, also features the latest news and analysis and boasts 119 developers, including 10 new additions to the Tracker.

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