Chipotle Hopes New ‘Chiptopia’ Loyalty Program Will Bring Back Costumers

Chipotle hopes its new "Chiptopia" loyalty program will help bring back wary costumers.

Chipotle wants you back as a costumer and has launched a new loyalty program that it hopes will make that happen.

The popular burrito (and burrito bowl) making fast-food chain has announced a new branding campaign dubbed “Chiptopia” that it hopes will draw back in many of the diners who ditched the brand after a series of health-related scares last fall.

Chiptopia starts Friday and runs only through the summer. The campaign is focused on “rewarding” costumers for their continued loyalty and offers free food based on how much Chipotle a consumer eats per month.

There are three levels to Chiptopia – Mild, Medium and Hot. Four purchases at Chipotle within a month earns a costumer “Mild” status and entitles them to a free burrito, bowl, salad or tacos of their choosing.

If a customer is chowing down on Chipotle eight or more times a month, they’re in the “Medium” category and can again enjoy a free entrée.

Eleven or more Chipotle visits per monthreally, bro? – lands a customer in the “Hot” category and earns them another free entrée of choice.

The free meals also count toward that month’s meal total, but the “counter” restarts every month, so if a customer is only eating Chipotle two or three times per month they’re likely to miss out.

Chipotle is running a clock on its website counting down to the start of Chiptopia on Friday when customers can officially begin registering for the rewards program, so for those who really want to eat a whole bunch of Chipotle in a given month, now is the optimum time.


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