That Big Mac And Fries Will Be Delivered To Your Table

While some fast-food locations are taking the human out of the equation, McDonald’s said it will be doing the opposite.

The fast-food chain said that the new year will bring table service to diners’ experience. According to the company, every single U.S. location will have the service, but it has begun the testing of the concept over the past year in certain markets — 500 to be exact in New York and Florida.

Customers place their order and then take a seat. The employees will show up at the diner’s table soon thereafter.

CEO Steve Easterbrook announced: “For the best part of our 60 year[s], we’ve asked customers to fit around our business model. Now, customers are more demanding, and we are looking to adapt our business model.”

This is contrary to companies, like San Francisco’s Eatsa, which allow for hungry customers to order their food with a touch of a button or two.

Let’s not forget that drones are getting into the food delivery industry. From Chipotle burritos at Virginia Tech to Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand, drones are indeed making it possible to get your food quicker and in a more techy way than ever.

Check out PYMNTS’ Unattended Retail Tracker for more information about companies going “human-free.”

The company also said that, at certain restaurants, it may be taking the human interaction element out of ordering by adding self-serve kiosks. And on top of that, McDonald’s said it has plans to roll out a mobile platform for ordering and paying next year as well.



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