Broadleaf Commerce Unveils Marketplace Edition

Digital Experience Platform company Broadleaf Commerce is unveiling its new Marketplace Edition this week.

During the company’s live webcast, Marketplace Reveal: Managing Multiple Vendors with Broadleaf, the company’s lead senior software architect Elbert Bautista will discuss how the new offering will help enhance vendors’ capabilities to create more streamlined marketplaces. In addition to the updated uses for vendors, the Broadleaf Commerce Marketplace Edition will also enable cross-merchant shopping for consumers looking to use a single cart and checkout system.

In the upcoming April 18 live webcast, the Marketplace Edition overview will encompass details on the following: vendor-managed catalogs via portal or API; marketplace management workflows and approvals; vendor order fulfillment tools and APIs; Cross-vendor ordering, bundling and merchandising; and customer-centric order management capabilities.

Bautista highlighted the new Marketplace Edition’s focus on integration for consumers and vendors. He said, “Broadleaf’s Marketplace Edition makes managing an online marketplace a more seamless experience. This platform provides a number of options for vendor integration and self-service capabilities while retaining the ability for marketplace administrators to fully control the end user experience.”